Artist Beginnings 

Last year around Christmas time I began painting on canvas for the first time. I had no idea what I was doing, I used acrylics (now that I’ve used oils there’s no going back) and I rushed the whole process. Other artists use acrylics and their pieces look AMAZING, but let’s face it my experience with them was less satisfactory. First of all my experience before this can be summed up in a pack of crayola watercolors when I was a kid because I literally never had much of an interest in painting because I never really felt I had much control over the brush as opposed to a pencil where my imagination could run wild. Anyways, my first canvas painting was of Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland, I drew it out and transferred it to canvas and painted the whole thing in only 2 days. Now that may not sound too bad but I was so rushed for Christmas that it came out looking horrendous. But it was a learning experience and one that sparked my interest and I fell in love with painting after that. So here are a few sketches from my pre-canvas days and of course the painting that started it all, even if it isn’t the best thing I’ve done so far.   

I sketched this out during Halloween time for fun and as you can see in the top right hand corner my cat found it tasty.     


Mushu, Peter and Flounder were just some doodles I did in one of my classes in high school. (Oops)  




And here is my first canvas painting, you can see why I decided to switch to oil painting, but it was my first try and it was rushed. I definitely want to paint the castle again sometime soon, obviously taking more time on it and using oil paint as my medium. But there you have it, that’s a glance at my first steps into my newfound world of art. Have a magical day! 

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