Sneak Peek!

So I haven’t been posting many new art pieces because I’ve been on vacation, and still am for another week. But I couldn’t help but start sketching out some painting ideas that I’ve had bouncing around in my head for a while and I couldn’t help but start the sketching phase so when I return home I can start working on the actual painting process right away! So here’s a little sneak peak into some of the magic coming your way😉✨

 This is just an extremely rough sketch of the lake I’m staying at (it might look strange and sort of lame now but it’s a gorgeous view!and yes this particular painting will be non-disney) 

This will be on a 6×8″ mini canvas panel that I bought a pack of for giveaway projects and “artist droppings”** (this will NOT be an artist dropping!). For this particular panel I’m sketching out Sarah and Leo from Thingamavlogs, you may have seen them on YouTube before or wandering Disneyland, in this piece they will be in their favorite Disneybound dressed as Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers with a few of their little critter friends hanging out with them! Ps her face is covered because showing that wouldn’t be accurate at all, my sketch to paint process changes a lot so it looks nothing like it will. 


 This final piece I haven’t decided on the final size yet because I’ll be adding a TON of detail and this is only a minor section of the overall sketch(which obviously isn’t finished yet) but hopefully any of you avid Disneyland goers will be able to figure out where this will be☕️

**artist droppings will be small paintings of characters or park scenery whichever I end up choosing, they will be 6×8″ and whenever I go to the parks I might just drop these in random spots around so keep an eye out!👀 (I’m not absolutely positive on this idea so I would love any feedback on whether or not you guys want that to happen, in order for it to happen I need to know there’s actually a demand for that sort of thing💁🏼)

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