“Walts Wonderland”

Here is my newest project that I’ve been keeping sort of quiet about until now, I’ve had this in the development process for about 7 months now, you may remember seeing a glimpse of the background while it was being drawn out, but as with most of my paintings I like to let them develop in a long drawn out process so that each and every painting has unique flares about it that wouldn’t be there if I had just rushed and thrown them onto a canvas, for this painting the long process has everything to do with getting to know individual characters, and figuring out what each and every one would be doing while on the teacups, and then drawing them to resemble that exactly. It’s also the reason Walts eyes aren’t drawn yet, it’s hard to draw them just right, and let’s face it, Walt wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect. I wanted to honor him in this painting-to-be by putting him in his natural habitat so to speak, in “Walts Wonderland” as it’s going to be called. What do you think? It’s still missing about 22-25 characters but I just wanted to give a much needed update😊🎨☕️💕

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