My name is Sarah Marie, I’m a 19 year old that has pretty much always been involved with art in some way. As a child I was practically raised at Disneyland so I would always see those artists sketching out characters at the Fortuosity Shop, where the animation desk used to be located, and I always knew I wanted to do what they did. On one particular trip my parents bought me some Disneyland coloring books; but instead of coloring the pages in, I would put sheets of paper over the pages and trace the images then color what I drew! I would then take these pictures to school with me and try to sell them to my classmates for a quarter each (hey gotta start somewhere!). A few of the kids actually wanted them (crazy right?) so from that point forward I was determined to be an artist. Fast forward a few years (and a few hundred traced images!), I began to slowly ween myself off of tracing and practiced freehand drawing, well practice makes perfect and I’m still practicing. Last year we took a trip to Walt Disney World and one day we toured the Art of Animation Resort. When we stopped in the gift shop I found an art kit for kids, and the kid in me bought it. Now just a heads up I have NEVER been good at painting, but I took it home and gave it a shot and nonetheless I was still an utterly horrendous artist in that particular field. But, being the disney enthusiast that I am, Walt’s dream and persistence rang true in my heart and I kept trying. And failing. Then came Christmas, I wanted to get something for my parents but I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what that special gift could be. I wanted it to be something from my heart, and not much in this world is closer to my heart than Disneyland. So I got a canvas and some acrylics out and set to work on painting Sleeping Beauty Castle. It was my first painting on canvas and lets just say I fell completely in love with the entire painting process, even if I had no idea what I was doing. My parents loved the painting and I was beginning to realize I might have some potential with a paint brush. For my next painting I wanted to paint something else very dear to my heart and that is Walt Disney’s Peter Pan. I drew out one of my favorite scenes of the movie, when Captain Hook hears Tick Tock Croc coming for him in the beginning of the film and transferred it onto my canvas. At that point I decided to branch off and try something new yet again and went out to purchase oil painting materials. The rest is history, I have finished 3 paintings so far all varying in size and I look forward to completing many more.

Thank you for stopping by and have a magical day!

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